The new Audi S6 V8 Irish drive

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There comes a time when you have to sort the men from the boys and this is it. The new Audi S6 V8 came to Ireland for a brief time and Bob got a hold of it f…


Tom Peary says:

Love your style

Narrowc ross says:

Great review, just wish the camera angeles were a little more extensive.
Keep up the good work though

Adrian Gruhn says:

I drove the 2013 S6 and I recorded a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds, which was
confirmed by Car and Driver. Fantastic video!!

718hudson says:

Hahaha “Don’t touch me pot of Gold Lad”… 

4ntigo says:

think you can get some more ads in here!! 

Andrei Dey says:

This guy is drunk?

Marcel Fernandez says:

has he been drinking?

Dan Hund says:

Can feel it down in the gentlemens vegetables. Hahaha

Josef Smidrkal says:

The Car.

Bruce A Smith says:

Talk about car lust! . . . . Quattro!!!

MrFunk says:

Smoke much?

daddyshome91 says:


Bob Flavin says:

And that’s exactly how the power band works too.

JELH says:

Why the fuck the exterior shots are from the promotional video? WTF?!

Adima Sund says:

You just got another subscriber. Awesome work!!!

Bob Flavin says:

This was such a short and..ahem..vigorous drive there was no chance to test
the economy. You’ll be lucky to get 20mpg from most of these cars anyway

Bob Flavin says:

Child at Christmas!

KingPNW says:

Haha I keep coming back and watching this video over and over again, I
can’t get enough of the awesome car and the funny accent. And I mean funny
in a good way, not a bad way. Viva Ireland!

alphisutha1991 says:

this the first review i heard from a someone who say oh shit in there
interview over a car ,

deadlyduck says:

I saw on Facebook that Audi Ireland has placed an order for a silver Audi
A6 biturbo- it’s due to arrive in Janyuary/February 2013….hope you’ll get
to give it and its 313bhp a good thorough review :)

Bob Flavin says:

Hi Moscow! I watch all the Russian videos of crashes, you guys make a lot
of videos lol. I’ll keep going, there’s loads more to come

Bob Flavin says:

I got 20 mins with the car, it wasn’t even supposed to be at this launch.
I’d done no research before getting in the car so what you see is purely
raw stuff. By the way, I doubt all of the 16 thousand people know about the
seat belt tightening. It’s meant to be a fun video not a review.

Bob Flavin says:

Cheers dude

Lukas Dehne says:

Best Video I’ve ever seen! You’re just AMAZING! :-D

drumminham says:

I’m a yank, stationed in Germany [US Army], with a lot of irish blood. You,
my lad, are freekin brilliant. Keep up the good work!!

Bob Flavin says:

Dave, how you gauge a car and how I gauge a car are very different. If
you’re here looking at an S6 because you want to buy one, you won’t care
about fuel economy or really any other numbers and the same will apply for
the Lexus. The only thing that will matter is the feeling the car gives. If
you’re here for all the numbers I’m afraid you won’t find it, I don’t spiel
off the PR releases like the other video review people, that would be
boring and more of the same. It’s the feeling that matters

wiigamer136 says:

You ARE Irish :) That also proves that.

MrCleanPolo says:

This guy is hilarious. Great review! Great Car!!

Bob Flavin says:

Thanks, it’s just how I feel. No script…ever

TheRamajamers says:

Great reporter but why did they ruin the video with a red left hand drive
car driving on different roads to the silver one he was driving?

TheCompyshop says:

Lol you can just tell by his hair and his sweat how much fun he is having.
It’s like he’s a little boy again. Almost completely forgot that he is
doing a review.

Eoin1414 says:

What do you drive bob?’

DJSDEX says:

gentleman vegetables !! :O

Bob Flavin says:


Bob Flavin says:

Thank you!

doctor_calv says:

Can you imagine how this guy is going to react when he drives the RS6! He’s
going to be knee deep in piss.

futmut1000 says:

man im pretty sure your not respecting the speed limit XD, but it doesnt
matter, i like the way you review, enjoy a car…keep it going

arijkle says:

3,7 sec lol .Boy go and do your homework… According to you this thing
would almost keep up to GTR…

Bob Flavin says:


Charles Colemon says:

This is what all channels should do, get a few pints into the reporter,
close the road and let him just have fun with the car.

uber4007 says:

Well done Bob, you tell it how it is, how refreshing is that ? For too long
the world has had to listen to JC wank on about Audis, that they have
wooden steering and how is son hates them. Thinking Men & Women know Audi
builds beautiful, intelligent, well engineered automobiles. Sure if you
we’re a teenage Virginal Mayan heading off on a winding road on the 20th of
December 2012 you may choose an M3 to get you to your hot date in time, but
in the real world an Audi would be best.

KingPNW says:

Hmm, I know of quite a few automatics that will hold revs and redline for
as long as the driver wishes. My CTS-V coupe never upshifts unless I tell
it to in “manual” mode. I’m not saying it is ideal to do so, but the idea
that the car upshifts without being told to would be supremely frustrating
and unsatisfying, almost as if to say to the driver in a condescending
tone, “aw, you’re a big boy now in a big boy car, here, let me upshift for
you.” Also, are you saying the S6 redlines at 6500 rpms??

Apocalipsis says:


Hen zo says:

When we see a new AUDI RS6 review ???

Marko Premuzic says:

Great rev!

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