The new BMW ActiveHybrid 5.

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More: The BMW ActiveHybrid 5 brings together a BMW TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder in-line engine, an electric drive system and …


Danilo Drašković says:

I wonder will there be engine from i9 in the 5 series available?
Why does people don’t like hybrids. It’s a peek of the refiment standars.

SN Nayak says:

Never a big fan of Hybrids; always thought of them as pointless. Till this
came along..

Aven Z says:

@matthewdaniel1000 well maybe.. and maybe it was a failure! lol

mrzkhan1 says:

Audi, merc, lexus/toyota and jag, watch out, because this IS the future, so
fuck off with ure audi bullshit because I know of many ppl who went from
BMW to audi and back to BMW because they realised that audi are overrated
and partly shit. its only a VW with sprinkles on top :P

Summegecko says:

@besnik1991DR 6 l

DRisLegend200919 says:

i love bmw they know how to make hybrids

kedde1 says:

@BlackStigz New ruling allows the taillighsts to be switsched off during
daytime and only running with the headlamps(in denmark that is) might be
this function which has been switched on manually.

leafrunner123 says:


Hunter Rawson says:

@BlackStigz its just the drls. you can have the halos on without the rest
of the lights being on

B Memeti says:

@Summegecko thnxx xD

RIK92YT says:

tons of technology not always mean BETTER

metrokick911 says:

mpg is 44mpg

Danny D says:

the active hybrid engraving on the cars are not attractive

lambchopxoxo says:

makes my bimmer look like an antique

Falewick says:

Car for crazy people. Pay 60 thousand dollars for a car and then save 1
thousand over its lifespan on gas. Those batteries will have just a
fraction of capacity left in 2-3 years..

thestoryteller612 says:

@BlackStigz because it can! B) :D

DVAI says:

@BlackStigz DRL north american shit

Сергей Диянов says:

@120Steelers I think they are going right way,Pity is that it’s not yet
affordable for most of the mortals.

Ric B. says:

it only gets 4 km driving purely electric… it needs to be 30+ to be
acceptable imo. i would just buy a regular fuel injection car instead

Ringing 7 says:

Next up hybrid motorcycles…. that’s if it’s not out already.

B Memeti says:

@jotiw1 thnx xD

Brandon Wong says:

Better than a Prius lol

B Memeti says:

in 100km ? how much l???

mrzkhan1 says:

@IPGAuto Lol, its true though, my auntie is going from her 2010 audi a4 2.0
tdi S-line to a 3 series or x1 and she had a 323i before that, my uncle had
a 530i M sport and tryed a 2011 audi a6 Sline 2.0 tdi and is thinking about
the 5 series now!! and people with mercs? well, my family aint THAT stupid

kaimelis says:

one hybrid i would actually not vomit on

DVAI says:

the most pimp of all hybrids

Voodoo Melon says:

Terrible looking wheels.

Hunter Namwong says:

wow !

Jonathan Elkiaim says:

im hungry

incyphe says:

This will sure be a hit, just like the X6 Active Hybrid.

kevinmosleyI says:

Not sure about the C-pillar badges, but the rest is just gorgeous!

Abraham Ipe says:


nickandbristudios says:

bloody amazing :D

mrthebeast7890 says:

thirty mpg is pretty sad for a hybrid although dumbest idea goes to the
escalade hybrid

wonderwin3000 says:

Awesome car

syk4ryo . says:

PERFECT! Design, Engine and Technology.

Matthew Daniel says:

@BlackStigz Probably to save energy… Just saying I don’t actually know
the reason but that is what I think.

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