The One With The 2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupe! – World’s Fastest Car Show Ep. 3.10

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Already one of the world’s greatest supercars, Audi takes the R8 to the next level. But what exactly does the plus stand for? Justin takes the Audi R8 V10 Pl…


Danny Kowalski says:

Who hired this douchebag?

wichode j says:

this is seriously my dream car. i know its not the fastest or nicest car
but there is just something about this one car that i like so much

vivalaphill says:

the side air intakes are actually called side blades….

Harry Osborne says:

This guy is such a tool 

Lorenzo Trotta says:

It’s coupé not coup

Rohan Abraham says:

Those lights are nasty

JTSX1 . says:

This model needs to go on a diet.

joseph bourdeau says:

Stunning ! saw one in metallic blue yesterday , couldn’t look away !

Spartan168 says:

did anyone else notice he has blonde eyebrows? wtf

Alberto Gamez says:

I know the new transmission is faster… but I would totally prefer the
extra pedal!

gordon ackerman says:

where did he get his jacket, the salvation army?

Pau Ch says:

my dream car <3

Dan the man says:

Id take the S8 over the R8…


God bless the people who manufacture the parts in Gyor, Hungary!!! 

CuzI'mBlack says:

Still ain’t no gtr. 

xXLimitedRayBayXx says:

You didn’t review the interior…

ckygogo says:

Now, make mine a 6spd manual and HEAVEN!

TheDeder57 says:

Thank you Mr. Bell for another great video.
As always your commentary and driving are superb.
What a great car, has everything one could ever want.
Go Audi!

Nanno Nanigashi says:

the R8 isnt based on the Gallardo its Vice Versa the Lambo even has the
Audi engine ^^ do some research please before makin a Reportage ^^ 

Elias Ferreira says:


Al Alo says:

very nice 

Rsps TipsTricks says:

This car is for peasants 

Renz Dimaandal says:

Check out my drawing!!

TyphoonCrafter says:

I’m 14 and I’m a fan of a audi

Lachlan Cahill says:

Jesus this guy is a tosser. 

Jonathan Kumar says:

Bellend, you’re a fucken wanker mate!!! 

theapocilip says:

Right from the second I sawer it.

SegaMachine says:

The engine sounds like a 8-Bit Car….I’m sticking with 60′s/70′s America
Muscle Cars

oneviwatara says:

How about doing a lapse time test?

matthew clouser says:

just buy a vette… thats perfect for those redneck drag strip thoughts lol

SwirlyfuzzBall7 says:

join the club mate :)

Dillon Giguere says:

Not a suit. It’s a blazer and jeans….

ytwizzle says:

He is an awesome driver. Keep’em coming

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