Top Gear Audi RS5 gear change sound

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This is the sound that the Audi RS5 makes when you change gear.


Ankit Jha says:

So they are using our planet’s resources to make gear changes sound nice. I
like that !

Elliot Baker says:

Is this on the older rs5 too???

Elliot Baker says:

Is this on the older rs5 too???

Maqsud Rezwan says:

Yeah right, other cars have a similar sound

MrAcme15 says:

And then you woke up.

TheDaDaDancer says:

mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i neeeeed a new JOB

calvinblinkee says:

Lol what is this. TG was never the place for real facts. It is pretty much
a straight up entertainment show since the beginning

josip culjak says:

perfect car!!!!!

rickprod says:

in the top gear website

d horton says:

u are very dull

DrewJ Whalley says:

It dumps the remnants of the Holy Grail, only on Tuesdays though.

Bob Jeffery says:

Oh Jezza, you legend!

madkent99 says:

this is not true, clarkson is full of shit

MrAcme15 says:

I was referring more to your claim to own an IS-F. If you own one, post a
vid and display your YouTube Username in the vid.

rickprod says:

watch the complete video at the topgear website

Kel Yeung says:

who cares……using planet resources to make changing gears isnt bad.
except when you are a teen now.

Максим Мунтянов says:

new season? says:

stop blaming the car. we all know its you…disgusting pig :D

UZZ32 says:

what a load.

therealalexrider says:

I’m pretty sure (I’m not saying i’m 100% on this) but i think it’s the
noise most dsg equipped cars make when changing gear because i’ve heard
golf gti’s do this and so does my a3

felixfreeman says:

hes right also bbc fucks up all the time so does everybody

bestman81 says:

i agree with u he hates Audi i personal this he’s too old for the job

rickprod says:

top gear website

italianforce1 says:

no ! it’s the 16th

Ангел Якимов says:

s16 e05

mongchilde says:

dsg cars fart on gear change. my ibiza bocanegra does it and its only a 1.4

E30MPOWER says:

My Brother’s 2013 S4 Prestige Makes that sound every time it shifts and i
love it sooo much .

Nicolas V says:

which episode is this?

Tomáš Handlíř says:

but BMW M3 win :)

Arnis R. says:

Clarkson is tha man! :D

bestman81 says:

the full video is shit as usual he criticise the Audi and to make maters
worse he was driving he starts following the BMW which stick is driving but
comon if he tries to ovetake that it will be an accident coz the road is a
bit smaller

James Price says:

What Episode/season is this? I want to see the whole segment of the RS5 on
Top Gear and haven’t found it yet. Anyone able to put in on youtube?

andrew mockler says:

it for sure passes in europe

blkfeet4u says:

Passes in every EU country but norway…

TheKbnrba says:

can anyone tell me what season this episode is from?

Steven Sommerville says:

That is one of the worse chassi’s ever made on that car..

dparm1984 says:

This was debunked by most of the Audi tuners. No way would dumping raw fuel
pass emissions. The noise is a result of the timing cut that happens during
the shift. For FI cars, there’s also a recirculation happening at that time.

Benslappz95 says:

Where can I see this test??

MultiDonttalk says:

Wrong, Please go back to your resources. As BBC does not tell false

rickprod says:

its episode 5 season 16,

Bjork Vlogdok says:

This is why I love Audi

dan7edan7e says:

You guys are idiots. Read up on detonation.

Chamilitary93 says:

The 2.0TFSI TT with S-Tronic sound beautiful when you change the gear :)

megadriver6 says:

I don’t know if it fires petrol in the exaust or not, but there is one
thing I am certain… The Audi RS5 is brilliant! Test drove it last week.
Brilliant car. You can do a lot of fun things with it…

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