Torch — BMW 2 Series

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The legendary 1968 BMW 2002 helps usher in a new generation of driving. Introducing the first-ever BMW 2 Series.


Luna810 says:

What is the name of the song, and who sings it?

Mrshoujo says:

I can’t be the only one who is “SICK SICK SICK” of the music in this
commercial. Whoever made it needs fired, and whoever chose that particular
clip of the song used needs a boot to the head. INSTRUMENTAL PLEASE.

tazzcaaarlovr says:


Paul Cox says:

Song is Off & On by Findlay, an awesome artist from UK

Julien Croain says:

Passage de témoin entre la #BMW 2002 et la nouvelle série 2

TheRabbitman14 says:

whats the song?

Scott Wilson says:

I have a 1968 just like this one. Same turn signals front and back, same
grill, same silly color, same euro-bumpers. I have a block heater plug
sticking out the headlight hole since I park it outside all winter long.
The teenagers think this 45 year old car is electric and the coolest thing

Brandt Kurowski says:

Hey BMW, interlaced video was widely replaced by progressive video in the
developed world shortly after fuel injection replaced carburetors. And
whereas the 2002 remains much beloved despite being arguably obsolete,
nobody misses interlaced video.

James Hoyt says:

My first NEW CAR was a 1973 BMW 2002,Paid $4,500 drove it 2 years 50,000
miles and sold it for $5,000,No one knew what a BMW was back then. Great
car I’m now restoring a 1974 2002. Classic cars are your best investment.

Brad Landers says:

Why is the de-interlacing in the 1080p version of this video so horrible!?
Beautiful cars, horrible video quality.

Gordon McIntyre says:

Nice to see a 2002 in action, brings back good memories!!

Rani Solhaug says:

Who is singing the song??

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