Tuned BMW M5 F10 700 HP vs Audi RS6 C7 690 HP tmchiptuning.com

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BMW M5 has the following tune: BurgerMotorSports piggyback AFE air intake AFE Carbon Scoops AMS downpipes catless 3,5′ H&R dampers lowered 25 mm front and 15 mm back Presilencer deleted …


Evan schwab says:

So here is the Problem. You have access to all of these multi million
dollar cars, but your production is Iphone quality. Camera shake, horrible
wind noise. all around terrible video, Its 2015. step your game up

vivalaphill says:

after looking through the comment section i found out that there are too
many idiots (bmw fanboys, audi fanboys) who don´t understand that both cars
are great and not a lot seperates them in terms of quality or performance.
Guys, just relax and appreciate that neither of them is a bad car.

David MuscleGuy says:

God that was good:p hey let’s wait for “from standing still start…” but i
have to admit that RS6 Looks great!

Imad S says:

I’d still take the RS6

Sir PsychoSexy says:

This was faster than ferrari ff so why you kids are mad?

Michael Crosset says:

I’d still take the Audi any day.

PorscheSweden says:

BMW can only win against the Audi when it’s dry and from a roll race. Other
wise it gets wrecked all day long-

kyle eaton says:

what the hell do you guy’s do for a living? Bankers?

Vincent Béretta says:

The Audi looks better than a M5.

Rui Soares says:

M Power thanks for sharing keep it up

trident3b says:

did they both have the same amount of fuel? Indeed did they both have the
same fuel, something really good like, ohhh say, Statoil fuel?

UzzyFuzzyy says:

LMAO ALL THESE BUTTHURT AUDI FANS XD the race was tuned v tuned. Bmw always
bitch slaps shitty audi

richzilla08 says:

Audi looks nice. I’d surely take the RS7 over the M5(not a wagon fan)


goodbye audi

MarkusSupra says:

easy physics, same amount of hp, 4wd vs 2wd. 4wd loses because of the loss
in the drivetrain. A standing start would make it more fair I guess

Rob ban says:

So, the BMW is slightly Möre tuned, and have less driveloss from it’s RWD.
Think of all the pris quattro has and give the Audi little Möre tune to
make up for it, the BMW will be useless. Audi RS always wins over M.

katart4ever says:

not very keen on the m5 ,even if its faster… the audi is ok… but i
would still pick E63 AMG-S 4 matic over those two, take it to AMS ( see AMS
E63 tuning programe )

Jort Rinket says:


VtecAbuser says:

Quite a difference in level of tuning by the looks of things…
Be interesting to see them go again with similar mods.

jim dandy says:

BMW more aerodynamic??

Mark says:

Tuned m5 is beast, and not only in sedans world, that engine, drivetrain,
gearbox are working together like Swiss watch
I respect m5, but I want rs6

Habej omar says:

All bmw fanboys that’s giving the RS6 shit probably hasn’t realized that
the m5 has alot of tuning components installed meanwhile the audi only has
an ECU tune, meaning the RS6 has only gotten stock parts installed. A real
car entusiast would appreciate them both.

and there is a guy somewhere around here in the comment section that is
trying to give shit to station wagons, I am pretty sure you can’t even
afford one of these.

Addicted To Cars says:

A Good Tuner Tuned A Car with 700 hp Can Beat A Bad Tuner With 750-800 HP
Easily ! Would Love To See A Stock Race Gustuv, Thanks For The Race Any Way

verneri883 says:


BMW POWER… This race i have wait so lonh… Thanks gtboard ;)

andre santos says:

very craze very fast !! beautifull…. great movie

youngprankster94 says:


Bmw545m says:

So many childish people commenting on these movies now …
Anyway, can the owner say something about his M5? Maybe 100-200 time from
Vbox? mid 6s or?

Muhammad Waliur Rahman says:

That RS6 should have won its ether the bmw is more than 700bhp?? Or the rs6
is less than 690bhp or the driver because you can’t beat an RS6

Darren Johnson says:

this is exactly why yu can’t come with that fufu shit man smh, bmw’s will
always come on top lol

TheEryk03 says:

Shitty audi got fucked again ahahahahaha


///M5 murder RS6 and Audi fanboyz. stock vs stock, ///M5 will take the
victory as well. ///MAN POWER!!!

Robertkajman says:

RS6 is stock, too big difference beetween them both.

TheEryk03 says:

From the standing start there is nor fuckn chance for the m5.

MrZyLeXx says:

i dont think we expected something els? except if it was rain or a dig, but
you guys never do that so it dosnt matter.

Da2Pat says:

Damn i love Audi, but i f*ckin love BMW more! ///M<3

youngprankster94 says:

audi is so shit ugly and cheap go home audi you suck dick shit car

Teknikhype says:

Trimmad BMW M5 på 700hk vs. Audi RS6 original.

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