Ultra HD 4K Audi RS7 review in Ultra HD by GTboard.com – presented by Samsung

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Presented by Samsung Ultra HD TV: In this video I’m doing an overview of the Audi RS7 and talk about advantages of the new Ultra HD technology. Samsung Ultra…


OsloDia says:

what language is that?

Walter White says:

reasons to buy audi:
A: don’t
B: A

Arlind Mazrekaj says:

Its just another audi,…Nothing more

TJ Armstrong says:

Definitely need to work on the art of reviewing a car. Great donuts and I
love this car. 

Casper sanderson says:

This guy looks semi rich. Judging from the standard oyster rolex and the
350 dollar prada shirt.. Lol

RussianJan Itor says:

for a bmw lover i totaly would get the rs7 over the m6 grand coupe they
both look awsome but the rs7 is a fucking beast the sound the engine
everything about it.

Alex Westergaard says:

Can I be a stand-in driver? lol

Michel says:

Love the inside filming of the car, drives so smooth on the road

PS91195 says:

Great video, love your way of reviewing the car!
But it would be cool if you could make something like a vlog like you did
on the M6 Gran Coupe and the RS6 to show how a car is wheen it’s daily

LawakTube says:

UHD so nice!!

fe1138lix says:

Gustav, will you drive the E63 AMG S 4Matic aswell?

David MuscleGuy says:

Hey Gustave, what’s up?? i gotta tell you i missed you this channel and
M5board foromus are part of my life!! BTW i’m glad to see you back and
awesome reveiw i have to say Audi starts growing on me after i drove the
RS5:P at the end of the day they are all Germans (BMW,MERC,AUDI) and they
know their shit.

Glenn says:

Wow! This quality is amazing. Thanks for uploading this!

yo RadioactiveSnake says:

watching in 360p since the video didn’t fully process yet and even now it
looks as if its in 720p!

PixelVogue says:

The rear end of this car is ugly as hell

mornadu says:

I love that you are doing reviews now! So good :D Go GUSTAV!

deventergast says:

1440P, nice to meet you.

MrTHX92 says:

what a stupid review…

Philipp Burg says:

your rs6 had not the carbon fiber option thats why the blades on the front
were silver ;)
i think the leds on the rs6 look even more aggressive than on the rs7..

Paulo Pedro Filho says:

Gustav, don’t give words to empty criticism, good job, I really don’t
believe that another YouTube channel or website can show all the races and
reviews that you did. And it’s free, OMG, thank you. Your fan from Brazil!

Kruno Santini says:


amit prulov says:

Gustav in the famous M5BOARD roll on 50 KMH which one will win the bmw M6
F13 or this RS7 ?

Arthur Kirakosyan says:

Thumbs up if you want to see RS7 vs m6 grancoupe vs cls 63 amg s

Ayman Safadi says:

they talk tooooo much!

MrBajoKavka says:

Very nice video. Great job. Good luck :)

EchoGamer_ says:

Nice Car

Grapes For All says:

Fuck swedes… Work in Denmark, pay swedish tax… don’t have to pay crazy
danish car registration tax of 180%… get super cars

Jimmy Hedberg says:

Love the quality. Future has arrived with 2160p.

TonyTheTiger1516 says:

Not a fan of this car but i like how the video is in 4k very impressive.

Razor4ever says:

What TV do You have Gustav ?

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