Vlog 40: Behind the scenes, Manhart BMW M5

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Hi guys! A short Vlog for a quick behind the scenes of the Manhart BMW M5 review. Full video coming soon… Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE! TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/aleem_official…


RandomPandaX78 says:

Nice to see a beemer for a change. I have to say I’d have a BMW over a merc
any day.

ClownishSanta says:

Terrorist with expensive cars??

ChangedAlot says:

Bmw’s interior game is on point

gamertanafc says:

C63 still sounds better 

kyle hogg says:

Aleem has the same shoes as me, wtf man.

DMX820 says:

Don’t u need more than a day to review upon?

Izahg Ila says:

Can someone explain why they need clearance to fly that drone? It’s only a
small drone and I’m presuming it won’t go high enough to interfere with
planes, even the smaller ones. 

Jatt Larkar says:

The guy who jumped in to rev the car had a Kim kardashian ass

Rayhaan Parker says:

A car’s sound has a lot to do with its appeal and in my opinion the BMW
brand just doesn’t sound as good as any AMG. Even after spending all that
money on the modifications the exhaust note still sounds held back. An AMG
with half that power and no mods sounds better. AMG’s sound meatier, louder
and more brutal than M cars. I know that a lot of people like M division
cars, and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but
personally I’d never buy a BMW again purely because of the way they sound.

Machine says:

Faster then the gtr you drove the otherday?

YmB says:

Fuck that F60 m5 ( or whatever it’s called) , the e39 m5 and e60 m5 are the

Shubz Huss says:

Does he really phone traffic control or he just fokin wiv us

Rajeev Sahu says:

What your personall everyday car?

Aaron Gill says:

The m5′s used to be amazing back when they had the v10′s even though the
v8s make the car slightly better I’d rather have slightly less performance
over the sound of a v10′

madi786 says:

Could that yas’s pants be any tighter, he looks like fat girl in leggings

gamertanafc says:

The problem with m5 is the stock one hardly looks different to the msport
models. Only people that know their cars can tell

Harshil Shah says:

You can’t judge a 800bhp BMW as something you have a soft spot for, you
need to try a stock M5 and then see what you think of that. The fact that
this thing spins out in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear isn’t a good thing. It shows
that it’s got too much power and not enough grip to go with it, much like
the Black Series Mercs.

sk8mar10 says:

Haha what a peasant wearing the same clothes 

Venger55 says:

hello can someone plz tell me the model of his sharoku ( voltswagon) pls ty

ayz01 says:

Don’t like how he always grabs the camera at the end lol. Aleem try ending
the videos in more of a subtle way? Perhaps point it up to the sky. 

snodderz96 says:

How much do these cost

Harry Neild says:

U should get an F12 Berlinetta

Harsh Vashu says:

Is that urs 

Cole Ninjago says:

2:32 dat R8 though! TAK3N number plate is epic 

Emon Ahmed says:

It is his friends car

Mohid Man says:

Where did u get that plane thingy?

ImXtinct says:

Why do you have to get clearance for the drone?

SVElement says:

Does anyone now where the orange Aventador are? Haven´t seen it for a

Hasan Khan says:

whos car is it? yours? Your freinds?

racetofindglitches says:


Dejan Jovanovic says:

Plastic shit, no power, no torque


gotta love that blow off

Jose Sustaita says:

What mercedes was that at 2:38? 

sugarsaint says:

bit silly that it needs a near 300BHP upgrade to walk and talk like an AMG.

Nissan GT-R FanBoy says:

+fazle kayyum Yo look

lobniklukas says:

E46 M3 = best beemer ever <3

Dkearney says:

Would you consider buying one? 

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