Vlog 64: Audi RS7 review day

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Hey guys! Hope you guys are well! Here is a Vlog from behind the scenes from Sunday’s Audi RS7 review… Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE! TWITTER http://…


BroDoYouEven LIFT says:

Why cant all muslims be like Aleem? He is funny, can take jokes, respectful
and a good guy. Why cant all Christians be like him as well? religion gets
a bad name from the media, religion brings people together and lets people
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ExtremeProGamingHD says:

These slow mo shots along side the music are so sick! Want to see more of
these slow-mo clips along side similar music to the one you used :)

Gurpreet Gill says:

For all those people that hate the slow-mo…. make your own channel or
fuck off

BulletproofGOAT says:

Overdoing it with the slow-mo. Almost like a child with a new toy. Don’t
just throw slow-mo in there just for the sake of it.

Mark Rogers says:

You should do a draw my life 

Ime E says:

Pls make review of my toyata caralla 89, I have sport exhaust and 16 inch
tenzo rims, very nice it is also pearl white 1.6 liter engine with sport

bcop1534 says:

The review of the rs7 sounded scripted and sucked overall, Aleem cannot do
car reviews its not me being mean or a hater its just the honest truth. 

Mo Azam says:

If anyone is wondering what the song in the blog is called it is called

Kash V says:

What happened to the Manhart M5 review? 

Daniel M says:

What is the music they use for te slow mo?

ItzAryaTV says:

Hey Lord Aleem & Lord Aleem fans, i would like to stop by saying I LOVE
ALEEMS VIDEOS!! and people like Aleem honestly inspire me to make videos
and all that. I’m not going to write a para saying how i want subs and all
that but it would mean the world if you guys checked out my channel ;) i
make pranks from London and i’m so close to hitting 1k! God bless you all!

AshesNFire says:

RS7 is looking mint but red calipers would’ve looked much better on the
car. Btw, why are the front plates in the UK white and the back one’s

burkan torun says:

Hey guys help me!

I DREAM of having a GTR, I am 20 and love Cars SOO MUCH… THUMBS UP THIS

Boss God says:

You need to get a bigger house, it is nit that big for a sucsessfull

Woods Gaming Channel says:

since you blocked comments on the other video il say it here… your trying
to hard… your not top gear

wayne rooney says:

Hows he get the chance to review and drive these ? Paki fuck

can inkaya says:

Don’t do car review because honestly your better doing daily vlogs the
camera guy is absolutely terrible I mean did a kid film it or something I
felt like by the review you let yourself down quite a lot I do watch your
videos just was hoping for a better quality video father then that rs7

gareth thwaite says:

Please take this as constructive criticism. I’m not a hater and actually
like your blogs. But I Just seen the full rs7 review you did and have to
tell you the video editing is terrible . I see your director has watched
too much top gear and fit it slightly wrong. Your final piece isn’t even to
camera. I would of wrote this on that video but I think comments are turned
off . 

112233jjooee says:

You disabled comments so Ill post them here:

Great cinematography, like better than top gear’s to be honest. Hosting…
meh. My advice is don’t try to please anyone, and definitely don’t imitate
other car reviewers. Be you. Experience the car then synthesize your
thoughts. Don’t plan it out, just talk about what you experienced and how
it impacted you. If you do that I promise people will respond positively to
I filmed a couple shoots with chris harris, he drives around for hours just
rambling on about the car then cuts it into something useable later. I
think using go pros mounted inside the car focused on you would save your
camera man his sanity.

again, don’t force it and don’t pander to who you think your fans are. Just
be genuine.

It seemed a bit awkward, but if you focus on doing what you do well and
translating that to a car review you will do very well in this. 

Subtr3y says:

Stop that review thing, you don’t have a clou. You’re just a stupid rich kid
Fuck off

Hide Myass says:

Review sucked balls…also why is your hood always up? Gangsta?

SuperDigitalDanny says:

The comments are disabled in the actual review of the RS7, not sure why.
But anyway, il comment here then. I feel like your reviews of cars are not
very ‘natural’ in the way you talk, your blogs are fine, but reviews are
not. Also comparing your C63 to a RS7 is just silly, they can’t really be
compared because they are very different in all aspects. 

H2M says:

haider don’t look at my comment!

Semy A says:

Guys, I’m new here at his chanel and just have 1 question:

What is his father doing for living? (srs question!).

Thank you for answering it.

--------- But it aint Ralph tho? says:

Just saw the review. Alot of inspiration from Chris Harris but not even
close.. I felt awkward watching the review unlike your c63 review (which
was good). This was like you overdid yourself, which gives that feeling
like crappy scripting. Just be yourself aleem, dont take too much advices
(because then you end up like copy cat and not providing anything unique)

TheIronikHD says:

1:21 is that the asian Paul wallace i see?! +Supercars of London 

Wasim Chowdhury says:

Does anyone know how many fps their camera shoots at and how much they
slowed it down for the rangey in the puddle shot?

Daniel Sadjadian says:

Great video as always Aleem. Stupid question but that RS7 is a V8 right?
What size engine? 

James Corona says:

This Video perfectly shows how gopd premiere pictures are. They turn the
simplest clips of some normal things into an awsome Trailer feeling :P

Dry-men says:

Audi RS7. Defently one of the best looking Audi

Angel Villegas Garcia says:

Does anybody knows the name of the song in the actual review? 

butty249er says:

not a bad review amateurish at points but good effort, for all them haters
i wonder how many times jeremy clarkson has to redo a scene…..btw where
was that munch from looked peng

Yaz Saj says:

Welcome to world Audi FINALLY, out of the dark ages 

Qaisar Nawaz says:

Wats ur problem if he’s dad drug delar jealous dick. Y u watching he’s
video then????

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