[VLOGOLOGY] MY V10 BMW M6 “Storms” Coffee House

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Today we take the beastly V10 BMW M6 to Cars & Coffee to one of the regions best cars show. In this week’s episode we find an Audi test mule wearing the S6 Avant badge, The Raptor CREW, sick…


DoctaM3 says:

I take my V10 BMW M6 with an Eisenmann Race Exhaust as we “storm” Cars ‘n
Coffee. Listen to the EXHAUST!!!

Farzad C says:

Hey buddy, thanks for the video… I really enjoyed watching this… out of
interest what sort of MPG figure does your lovely M6 returns for both city
driving and motorway… It’s been roughly 5-6 months since I bought M3 E92
and I absolutely love it, but I guess it’s the time for me to change to
something bigger, something like this beauty… just was wondering if there
is any significant difference in terms of MPG between the two M3 E92 and M6


DtRockstar1 says:

I miss the V10 of the M series cars, there was nothing like it. And damn,
that 370Z was brutal!! BTW, I will be at the Columbus Season Opener Party,
so hope to see you there!

Sheru Walia says:

Do you still own the M6? Thinking about getting one myself.
just not sure how reliable it is. would you recommend the 2010 m6?
sorry for the barrage of questions just on the edge. lol
love the videos! 

RcChrisB says:

where do you get all the Money from?

Mark Ma says:

I want your m6 v10 so bad

anonymzs says:

i like how you own super cars but still have a great appreciation for good
cars like subarus and muscle cars that the more average person can afford

NikoBell12 says:

Nothing I love more than an E63 M6. I love that red interior with the
carbon fiber inlays.

R35killa says:

Great seeing you yesterday! Looks like you had fun last night as well! I
hope you bring the M6 out another time or two this summer! Truly a
gorgeous car!

ODi Productions says:

DoctaM3, you seem like a cool guy!

Zecharias Tesfayohannes says:

Last N/A ///M car. I would keep that M6 forever.

Vinicius Suehara says:

Nice car docta! :) you need a lot of garage to park all the cars, it would
be cool if you show us your garage like robert do :D can’t wait to take a
sign when you come to Brazil 

Rico Suave says:

I can see why you post more videos of the Lamborghini and Ferrari, but you
can’t neglect the M6 and M5. Those are amazing cars and I’m sure your
subscribers will enjoy the sound of the V10 and the turbo V8.

Tyler Walker says:

damn Docta, the camera strapped to you moves around so much its giving me
motion sickness…. other than all the shakiness great video as per the
usual :) 

Tommy Heitz says:

Which exhaust sound do you prefer aventador or m6?

FlorosChannel says:

Great video… I’n still in love with your M6, probably the best sounding
car in your garage, excepting the Aventador :D

Erv Mak says:

Awesome vid, u should do one of these video once a week or something, just
a mini POV drive :)

RAY///M316 says:

Doctam3 good questions which engine u like better the V10 or u bmw m5 with
4.4 v8

Mr.Smarticlez says:

Wow! You are such an inspiration! I am aspiring to be an app developer and
develop my own apps, and I am wondering what you do to afford all of these
things that you have in your life. I hope some day to have some of the
things you have. Anyways, love your videos, keeps up the great work! Cheers

MrSockenloch says:

Hey there Docta:)
I saw a few POV videos and vlogs from you today and immediately subscribed
to you;)
I am wondering with a smile on my face what cars you own.
I have to know it:D

GustavLjungberg says:

This was awsome! Sounds so good! The E63 M6 is an affordable supercar. Its
just to bad the fuel economy is ridiciolus. Thanks for the video Doc!

roman949 says:

What would your reaction be, if you came home and realized that your
Aventador is stolen?

quintics says:

not a huge fan of that CF trim…

BeErkswe says:

@doctam3 i wounder about the eisenmann race exhauast on this car is it.
straight pipes all the way or only end muffler?
I gonna get it on my 06 m6 and id like som tip from u.
Btw i like the video and the car sounds great

rucki456 says:

you talk to much fucking idiot! fahr und halt deine fresse du verfickter

Matt Pace says:

I’ve been waiting to see this car, Docta! Thank you! Such a legendary

carspottingHWH says:

Amazing video as always Docta!! You are truly an inspiration and so is that
V10! Your 458 will always be my dream car though. The white on black is
amazing and that sound is unreal. I recently got a short ride in one
myself, maybe you would like to check it out:)

thesamuraijujistu says:

The 370z is so loud, but your M6 with the aspirated V10 is another story so
nice and elegant !!! If I’ll come in Pittsburgh for tourism, on vacation
(I’m from Italy), I’ll look for a Cars & Coffee event ;-) 

Vincent C says:

I’m 16 years old the m6 is my dream car. I hope one day i will be able to
have one like you :) 

Columbus Cars and Coffee says:

I have always loved that car. Great sounds!

ah072965 says:

This car sounds … Amazing

PTR Decani says:

haha..listen carefully at 12:18…

trevor philips says:

How many cars you got? I’m so jelous lol it’s my dream just to have one m
car probably a e92 m3 I alpine white with black touches m sport weels
windows hood scoops grill ect….and a raptor similar to some at this cars
and coffee although if put some more off-road mods on it

bimmeracing says:

its E64 docta , cabrio !
Awesome noise damn , my f10 m5 doesnt do shit

JohnsGamingChannel 1 says:

is fapping to the sound good or bad +DoctaM3 

Sti4IyF says:

Docta, please make more of these car meet! I love them. Also, have you ever
driven a 06/07 STi? If so, what do you think about them?

Joel Verdier says:

Ever heard of Meistershcaft exhaust? And did you take the cats out? 

Dave Reid says:

It was awesome to see and hear the M6 again! I’m looking forward to the
Meet the Beast of this beast. What a great turnout on a gloomy day. Having
the gentlemen talk about his M Coupe was great. 

PGH Maverick says:

You get any footage of the Rolls Royce Phantom that was there?

Arch-Angel741 says:

+DoctaM3 is the m6 really loud? do you think people would react to it when
they see it? :D

S3BGASM says:

You’re my inspiration :D

Redline2894 says:

Those V10′s! I miss em! :)


I love the m6 convertible too bad it’s a soft top :(


Finally I have been waiting for this video for a long time

ASH_ RC8R says:

I saw and heard you pulling into cars and coffee Saturday. The M6 looks and
sounds awesome. That black STI passed me on 79, I wanted to talk to the
owner when I got there, but didn’t see him around it.

J0lker says:

To be honest i’m not a big fan of a BMWs :D
Those new are… NOT BAD, but they just lack something (imho) ;P

458 <3 + S6 Avant and i’m done there :D

Matthew Womack says:

Do you have an exhaust on your M6? Sounds fantastic 

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