Volkswagen Golf vs Mercedes A-Class vs Audi A3 vs BMW 1 Series – Auto Express

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gianhet says:

I prefer the cabin of the A class to the A3 personnally ..

GRRB says:

Why not instead have Rebeca washing cars?

messin1000 says:

I think the A class especially in red looks cheap and the bottom of the
range model even though it cost a large chunk of change doesn’t even have
alloys. The BMW is good and so is the Audi and the VW is predictable.
Overall the BMW is best if you want to look posh but be unique the A class
is good for badge snobs but only in a high level trim with those cool
headlamps, The Audi is a good car but very dull and the VW is good if you
have a family but don’t want to pay a little extra for the Audi.

kr0pp says:

I’m a total BMW guy, but from these cars I would go with the Audi A3,
because it looks absolutely beautiful and for some reason I can get it for
€3-4000 cheaper than BMW with the same specs. If 1 series looked anything
like current 2 series then I might just take it. I also really like the new
Golf 7, but why bother with that when 3dr A3 has almost identical price?
Only thing that I hate about Audis, is that they have the worst dealership
ever in my country. That is the reason my mom converted to BMWs and won’t
ever buy Audis again. Ah, decision, decisions…

PhilGoodInc says:

Being in the market for a German Hatch, Ive looked and driven all 4 of
these cars in petrol variant except the a180 which is an a200. (a180 not
available in Australia.) I agree with most of the review except a few
things Id like to add. The A series can also fit 3 (skinny) adults in the
back. And practicality is a personal thing, personally, I found the extra
storage in the VW to be a pain because it would just be filled with crap
most of the time and It made it feel really cheap. I’d prefer the gadgets
in the Merc instead. Build Quality I’d rank 1-A Series 2-A3 (very close for
1st) 3-1 Series 4-Golf.

nikni kinu says:

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picardsphoenix says:

to put the record straight, the BMW 118d has a 1995cc engine as does the
120d and 125d, they just have different tuning specs, also a merc 200 is a
1.8 not a 2.0.

gamertanafc says:

Stupid test too many variables some are 3 door some are 5 door some are 2
ltr some are 1.6 

Amirul Faiz says:

How I wish a car to have the VW engine, the luxurious cabin of an audi, the
ride package a bmw and the look of a Mercedes …lol…

karateplayeralex says:

hää the bmw ugly ?? youre kidding me. look at the agressive front of the
1series with the nice ait inlet body kit. just amazing. and sorry but the
bmw its an 118d and the golf 2.0….. they should take the 120d and the
merc 200. bmw would win and on 2nd would be the merc !!! false and bad
comparison lol 

Ccleanerable says:

I prefer the BMW.

erc encores says:

I think Golf has more better options and stuffs than other ones,but you
didn”t showed that.

Leo S. says:

Not sure why would you drag race a cars with so much difference in
horsepower. check on 4:28, VW Golf – 150 HP, BMW 118D – 143 HP, Audi A3 –
105 HP, Mercedes A180 – 109HP. No wonder the much higher horsepower cars
would win.

ghos7r1d3 says:

GOLF FTW !!!!! Others are Junk !!!

Karin Bus says:


Reece Brown says:

Is he thick what is the point of testing the performance when they are all
different liters at least get the same. 

Ryan Hoskins says:

the golf is SOOOOOOO boring though! its like the “greyest” of cars, a
simple box on wheels and for £22K I want to feel it is a treat. BMW 118D is
the winner in my book.

George Gogelia says:


TheCocaColaManiac says:

I wouldn’t get any of these with the engines in the review. For me it’s the
BMW 125d in 1st, Audi A3 2.0TDI with 184hp in 2nd and Golf GTD in 3rd. I
wouldn’t even look at the Mercedes, it’s so awful.

RodC94 says:

For me BMW won, because it IS luxurious, it is desirable, it is fun and in
the straight line it was the fastest acceleration. Plus, I just honestly
DONT get why they say its ugly, I honestly cannot. Ive seen this car in
photos and in real life and it looks astonishing, way more than the audi vw
and maybe the Mercedes. It is actually for me one if the most beautiful bmw
ive seen in the road.

Nick Jevan says:

Golf are boring cars! I would for sure picked out the 1series. Fantastic to
drive, exlusive, and rear wheel drive like a proper car should be ;)

TIEFEI says:


Julianne Winters says:


Maikel Ligtvoet says:

value for money!! for sure the Golf number 1

Marcus Caple says:

haha this bloke is an absolute muppet. How auto express employ him is
beyond me. The A-Class is the worst in class in ALL aspects. It’s not even
a desirable badge anymore. + Its got a RENULT ENGINE.

CMetalCore says:

Audi A3 (2,000cc), BMW 118d (1,800cc)… Mercedes-Benz A180 CDI
(1,400cc)… Not fair, take the A200 or the A220…

FrapsYou says:

People dont listen carefully or may have language barrier. He cearly says
this is the review of cars which costs less or equal to 22K. VW golf 150hp,
BMW 118D 143hp, Audi A3 105hp and Mercedes A180 108hp are all just under or
cost around 22k. Obviously if the price wasnt the issue everyone of them
would have 200+ hp but that would be different review.

Tomas Chomic says:

Fuck practicality ! im all 4 FUN !

Philip Battersby says:

it’s boring, dreary and miserable.

N'dø says:

Longitudinally mounted engine and RWD. Every day (even if it doesn’t look
the sexiest here)

gawdfather007 says:

How about dropping in the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG just for the sake of
kicking some hatchback asses :P

Shady Ard says:

so they all german.. well german cars are the best and they will kick your
Italian, American, Japanese or whatever your ass was.

mrzkhan1 says:

AND the 1 series had that facebook and twitter thing before the mercedes
too.. And im fairly sure Audi have the same thing aswell (Not sure :S)

C4Lust says:

Here in America people would crap their pants thinking about a VW over a

Vladimir Jurišić says:

and another thing, BMW has also it’s own app so u can connect your
iphone/android phone to the car…

Florin Nitulescu says:

the fact is…nobody here would buy the Golf. All of us would choose one of
the other 3 cars at any time.

Vincent Lim says:

wellll. he did say they’re less than 22k. i think the point is getting a
better looking car that’s not 22k pounds.

Emre Turksson says:

the golf won no shit it has a 2.0 TDI engine compared to the others

NRe47 says:

A golf will never win against the BMW :D

lostn65 says:

Mat, you work for Auto express now? You still with carbuyer?

eminemandme says:

Love the 1 series

Jovan Tan says:

Audi rock

Aiman Hassin says:

Mat shoudnt u use a more powerful variant of a class? N bmw 1sries doesnt
look all that bad… Really

horesvinet says:

Because an Italian design should have an Italian heart.. What they should
do instead is hire Danish designers.. The best in the world :p

Kobe B says:

Did you guys know the CLA is the reason why Bmw discontinued the 1 series
in U.S last August? I was reading online and found the article, they will
rename it the 2 series, and bring back the 1 series in 2017. I never
thought this car can create this much problem, it is certainly a game
changer, sent Bmw back to the drawing board. Now I can see why they say it
is going to be hard for Mercedes to keep up with demand for this amazing
machine.I saw another one on the road today,just lovely.

S1ickA2K says:

Why would you compare a 1.8 a 2lt and a 1.5 and a 1.6?????

Mamoun Mohamed says:

pretend that it less money , okay 0:58 LOL!

Rick Massey says:

I have the A Class, it’s a great car…The build quality is average, some
parts feel cheap, and the sat nav looks likes it was a last minute
thought… I don’t like the seats in the vid….mine are black leather and
I have a blue AMG sport pack on mine…..makes all the difference!

Yashin Nil says:

one of the best most entertaining reviews of everyday cars Ive seen in a a
while , kudos props and then some to the reviewer and his team

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