Why the new Mercedes-AMG C63 beats the BMW M3

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It’s here – the new Mercedes-AMG C63 (formerly called the C63 AMG). See why we think it beats the BMW M3 in this video review! Read the full review here: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/mercedes/c-cl.


Evo Shift says:

The C63 needs a DCT to compete with anything. As long as the C63 has that
pathetic MCT transmission instead of a DCT, it’s a joke. Give the C63 a
DCT and AWD, and the C63 will be the ultimate daily driver.

Malicious SRT says:

Mercedes spoils the press at their media events – if they want to keep
getting invited, they have to produce commercials like this video. Case in
point = CLA. Nuff said.

UzzyFuzzyy says:

I don’t really care which is better I actually like both of them in
different ways. I just think ///M and ///AMG are making fantastic cars. If
i wanted to see a comparison video i’ll wait for chris harris to do that
and if people are wondering why they have used that title its called
clickbait. it will make people click on the video just from reading the
title even though they never explained why it beats it.

Jack Brand says:

The C63 is amazing, no doubt about it. Each generation it just gets better
and better. But in no way do I think it is ANY better than the M3. The M3
is a king, and a masterpiece. The M3 has a faster 0-60 (3.9S) time than the
C63S (with almost 100 more HP!!) The M3 Gearbox is superior! This video has
so many dislikes for a reason. I say the Merc is for Muscle car guys who
love german automobilia and love AMG V8. The M3 is for the die hard car
enthusiast who wants the best of the best from a sports car. Both are

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

I was hoping for a bit mote visual aggression. I don’t think it looks
special enough. Like with the previous C-Class, once the more inferior
models have donned their option AMG sports kit then this new C63 will be
virtually indistinguishable from your local mini cab. Love the interior
though and 500+ bhp that is truly crazy! 

Kaisuke971 says:

That is the stupidest video i’ve seen so far aout the new C63. You cannot
say a car is Better than another straight away. There are so many factors,
it’s only better in some aspects, or for you people, but not just Better.
I like both cars, and the one i’ll choose would only be influenced by my
tastes and what i want from the car.
That is so dumb, i’m disappointed right now by you guys. Unsubscribed !

Matt Lawrence Romanes says:

The M3 is apparently more difficult to slide with that new steering rack.

TheEryk03 says:

Im a merc fan but this video just looks like a sponsered merc video. I
wonder how much merc paid you to do this video. I think both the C63 and M3
are great cars and in the video you never explained “Why is C63 better than
M3.” no wonder you have so many dislikes. Also the C63 competes with the
normal M3. The C63S will compete with the upcoming competition pack M3 LCI
and then the C63 Black Series will compete with the M3 CRT and M4 GTS.

youngprankster94 says:

The M4 bitch slaps the new shit and ugly fake exhaust pipes C63 oops I mean
“C40″. the old 507 is the best C63.

crazy wheel says:

I don’t think the 63 compite with the M3, it goes Vs the M5 or m6, they
should know that, you can buy 2 m3 for the price of one 63

KidWeazel says:

Looks bloody horrible….mercedes has made their c63 beast into a

Ricardo Almeida says:

What a childish title. I’m still waiting for the arguments. It’s like “X is
true”. “Why?”. “Because I say so”.

Just change the stupid title.

southbeach09 says:

Worst review ever and tell this fucking idiot to buy some cloth that
actually FIT.

sillymoons oo says:

Haha should be called “C40″ amg. The real C63 was a beast!

aysbg says:

I am at 2:41 and I am still waiting for the answer to the question in the
video title…

Greg Laurence says:

Too bad the back lights look like the are melting and interior is way too
chrome cheesy. M3 is gorgeous to look at 

crossphaded says:

You guys about to lose another follower with this pathetic excuse of a

Arash Memarzadeh says:

This whole review felt like you were just reading off the brochure. You’re
never gonna have a popular channel with this boring standard commentary.

taylor wagneers says:

His driving position is like 40-year-old woman driving a minivan

jamakasis18 says:

99 percent of people arguing which is better haven’t even driven any of
them. Welcome to the internet!

Light Yagami says:

Look at all these butthurt BMW butt buddies LMAO

Calvin Chann says:

Portimão race track

Montenegro Montenegrin says:

I would take c63 over m3

TheKmc121 says:

It’s like some very uncool father of five reading from a (poor) script.

Car Nut says:

I’m looking forward to the head to head comparison between the C63 and M3,
I predict many people will choke on their words.

Rajeev Sahu says:

4 seconds, lame

Jamie B says:

Doesn’t look right making a more luxury c class into a c63

Tuddec says:

I think the M3/M4 are better.

DGRWPF says:

at least the c63 has decent sound out of the V8. (which is a proper engine
for a sports car) unlike the 6-cyl engine in the m3. heck even my wife’s
honda has a 6-cyl engine. lol 

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